Introducing the New Margin Protection Program

On August 28, 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced details for a long-awaited and much-improved safety net for dairy farmers. Developed by the National Milk Producers Federation and five years in the making, the new Dairy Margin Protection Program, or MPP, is the most significant rewrite of dairy policy in more than a generation. Sign-up starts September 2, 2014, and continues through November 28, 2014.

This website features up-to-date information on how the program will work and how it can help limit the volatility in farmers’ margins. Soon you will find a video presentation that will walk producers through the basics of the new program. In addition, this website will feature a calculator allowing producers to gauge the new program’s likely impact on their operations by entering their own milk production and commodity price data.

Margin Protection Program Backgrounder

What is the Dairy Margin Protection Program? How will it help address the volatility in margins caused by either low milk prices, high feed costs, or the combination of both? This backgrounder helps answer questions about the program, including how it will work, sign-up, coverage levels, premium costs, and the new Dairy Product Donation Program.


Program Details

The main feature of the new Farm Bill Dairy Title is the Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program. Learn more about:



Download additional resources about the Margin Protection Program:

  • NMPF Pleased with Newly Unveiled Margin Protection Program for Dairy Farmers (PDF PDF)
  • MPP Margin Spreadsheet of Milk and Feed Prices, 2007-Present


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