The Dairy Margin Protection Program

Starting July 1, 2015, dairy farmers will have 90 days to enroll or change their coverage for 2016 in the USDA’s Margin Protection program. Developed by the National Milk Producers Federation, the Margin Protection Program, or MPP, offers the best catastrophic protection for America’s dairy farmers. We will be updating the content of this site in the coming days as enrollment materials are made available to farmers by the USDA’s Farm Services Agency.

This website will continue to feature information about how the program works, how it functioned so far in 2015 as margins dropped, and the enrollment decisions that farmers will make in the future.

Margin Protection Program Calculator

Do you need help figuring out coverage levels under the Margin Protection Program? Use this calculator, developed by the National Milk Producers Federation. It allows you to enter your own milk production and commodity price data to gauge the program’s likely impact on your operation. It's also available as a downloadable Excel file.


Program Details

The main feature of the new Farm Bill Dairy Title is the Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program. Learn more about:



Download additional resources about the Margin Protection Program:


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